Traveling Abroad with a Baby

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We recently just went on our first proper holiday as a family of three.

In fairness, this isn’t the first time we’ve went abroad, but it feels like our first proper holiday. We flew from England to America when Harvey was three months old for Christmas. It was a nice holiday seeing family. This past holiday was a sunny, summery holiday with no agenda but just enjoying time away… just the three of us.

We were a bit anxious about travelling with Harvey at 8 months old. Three month old babies and eight month old babies are very  different, so we had different expectations. When Harvey was three months old, we expected him to sleep most of the journey and adjust well. This trip, we were hoping we could keep him entertained, happy and well-rested (including ourselves!!).

Of course, he started cutting four teeth during our holiday. That was of…

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Vladimir Ashkenazy Plays Chopin Etude Op. 10, No. 1

Chopin’s Etude Opus 10 Number 1 in C major played by Vladimir Ashkenazy is many people’s favourite interpretation of one of the most difficult Chopin Etudes.

Etudes are small pieces which are played to improve technique and practice, however as it’s Chopin, it’s not surprisingly a truly beautiful piece also.

At 00:41 – 00:42, no pedal is used in the phrasing. It’s strange to say, but this makes the performance for me. Because the tempo of this piece is fast (Allegro at 144 crotchets per minute) it’s easy to play this piece hiding behind the pedal and letting the notes waft other one another. So by not using the pedal, Ashkenazy shows his exceptional technique and timing. On top of that it adds a new texture that’s gone almost as soon as it’s heard, this left me with a on-edge feeling. It’s by far my favourite performance of Vladimir Ashkenazy playing my favourite Chopin Etude.

Network Simulation at Portsmouth’s Global Entrepeneurship Week


Talking about my book and how it can help businesses solve problems with their infrastructure.

My book, “Learning OMNeT++” and Why I Wrote It

My book was published on the 18th of September. Which to be honest was a complete relief, it felt great. “It’s not over till it’s over” was the ongoing expression that I played out in my head. Each day during the planning, writing and organising of the book I assumed it would all just fall through. It didn’t…

I wrote this book because I was invited to do so, I said yes because I felt obliged… to myself! That and the ongoing support from my friends and family, especially my dad ringing me on the phone occasionally to ask about how it’s going and to make sure it was really happening.

I wrote this book for people who want an eased approach into learning, OMNeT++.

Last week at work

So I’m about to start my last week at Lockheed Martin, which makes this an interesting week since I’m hoping my wife will get here in that week also.

I start my new job two days after! I guess a nice week off would have been fun but I’m hoping I have just as much fun working. I’m taking the title of developer team leader so you can probably guess I’ll be the leader of a team of developers. It’s for Europe’s leading video on demand system integrators, called BCI ltd. I’m very excited and it means this week is way more significant than others; wife getting here + last week at Lockheed Martin.

On a more hilarious and random note I managed to accidentally dislocate my shoulder today after slipping getting out of the bath. I quickly popped (crunch) it back in before just about passing out from the pain. That’s the third time I’ve managed to dislocate my shoulder, I’m not looking forward to the next time it happens!

Waiting for the response – Visa Application

So we find out (my wife and I) about the outcome of her visa application to get here (England), on Monday! It’s all a bit much to take in as it has taken almost a year for it all to finally come together.


-Excited (I get to live life with my wife)
-Nervous (what if it’s a no? !)
-Anxious (waiting around for news that’s life changing isn’t much fun at all)
-Hopeful (I’m a positive guy)
-Expectant (We deserve this)

UK immigration already know the outcome of the visa application but they let their applicants know by mail. This is instead of a very hip and cool innovation where mail is sent, and wait for it,  “electronically” :O via the “Internet” called “E-mail”.

Not long now…

Marriage – The Visa Process Isn’t Fun; Her Side

My wife, Andrea did a video talking about the visa process too!

Technical Excellence Award

Technical Excellence Award

I won my first award at Lockheed Martin for my work in internal research and development.

I was extremely grateful to win this award and I hope I can live up to my new expectations.

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